Healthy food, healthy lifestyle and healthier health?

Bonjour friends!

Most of you that read this know me, I doubt my blog audience has expanded to the eyes of strangers. If it has then for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Madelyn and I have a longggg list of medical issues. As I inch closer to my 30’s I’ve noticed changes, a list almost as long as my health issues, with my body. From wrinkles to a change in my energy levels and metabolism. Bouncing back from a hangover went from a few hours to a few days. No thanks. Being in my late twenties my wants and needs have changed and my state of mind is constantly changing as well.

I no longer see things the same way I did a few years ago. Hell a year ago. I focus more on the bigger picture and have started to let go of little stressers. I have found myself focusing more and more on my physical and mental health. The things that are fun and the things that aren’t. I want to wake up and feel good. Sometimes you have to make decisions between the fried chicken and the veggies. A night out and a night in. I’ve recently been making changes to my lifestyle in order to be healthier.

I have to take my fair share of medications in order to keep my heart and hormones healthy. So if I can do anything on my own to keep myself healthy and strong, I’m willing to do it. Before I felt I was invincible despite my issues. I felt if I had made it through all my heart surgeries I could make it through anything. I now realize that was a childish outlook.

I have been known to be judgy and make my mind up before giving things a chance. That is something I’ve been working on a lot lately. One of those things I judged was my peers trying plexus. I thought this is one of those pyramid schemes and how can it really help? Just eat healthy and you’ll feel better. After months and months of seeing stories on Facebook I started to think “maybe this is legit.” A friend of mine Lauren is who sold me on it. I have been struggling with hormones and all that comes with it. Break outs, mood swings, and weight gain. Her testimony made me think I should give it a shot. I have to say after a few months of giving it a try…wow! I have a healthy gut finally. I rarely bloat, my weight is staying steady and healthy. I feel better. I’ve also been eating healthier, walking, practicing a healthier routine for my skin care, and trying to be active. I also realize how important it is to actually rest. I’m trying to not be go go go! To live more simply. I’m half way through my 30 day minimalism challenge. It’s been hard than I expected but that’s neither here or there.

Taking a probiotic and a multivitamin has helped me tremendously. I want to get to the point where I can feel comfortable going barefaced. This is one of the steps to that point. Fixing my gut, balancing my hormones, and making sure I’m getting the right vitamins. My Obgyn said I need a calcium supplement but I don’t want to buy something that’s not beneficial. Suggestions are welcome friends. Aside from taking care of myself internally I have developed a good skin care regimen.

I try to be conscious about what products I am using. I’m going for a more natural and environmentally safe products. I use aluminum free deodorant and it works better than any deodorant I’ve used before. Cold pressed aloe is a must have for my whole body! No dyes, sulfates and parabens are being used anymore. I’m cutting out brands that test on animals. I made sure my face wash is ph balanced. Sunscreen and moisturizer is my best friend. I want to live long and not look like leather. I want to feel good physically and mentally. I want to make a small difference by using American made, natural, and cruelty free products. Most of these products are more affordable too.

Getting my diet balanced has been a challenge. I cut out red meat after I had my pacemaker put in. It made a noticeable difference in how I felt, my digestion and my heart. I’ve been eating less meat and more veggies and fruits. March 1st I’m setting myself a new goal. I’m saying goodbye to pork. I have a sweet tooth and I can’t seem to break it. I love chocolate, fro yo, and candy! I’m trying to force myself to not eat it as much. It’s much harder than it sounds. Fingers crossed I can find a healthy balance.

I’m going to get healthier physically and mentally with my remaining years of my twenties. I’m going to go into my thirties feeling great. Below are a few pictures of the products I use, in case you want to give them a try!

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