Webster defines being indifferent as having no particular interest or sympathy; being unconcerned. I never quite understood feeling indifferent until recently. It has taken me a little while to figure out exactly what this feeling was since it is a new one for me. I’ve always been a passionate person and indifference doesn’t typically have a role in passion.

This indifference has made me realize just how passionate I am about this next stage in my life. I am finally feeling like myself again. Free of the things I was letting weigh me down. I’ve never been more ready for a new start. My friends and family have told me “it’s never too late to start over.” Before now I rolled my eyes and looked at starting over as a sign of failure. I have not failed though. I have learned hard lessons and kept my head held high, all the while working my butt off to reach this point.

Being in your late twenties and not fitting into the mold you thought you needed to be in is actually a WONDERFUL feeling. Embracing the unknown is exhilarating. I’ve had a couple of decisions heavy on my mind lately. After numerous sleepless nights contemplating the unknown and internal debates, wavering my stance. Pros and cons lists miles long. My decision has been made. Being indifferent about many aspects in my life right now helped me open my eyes.

Big moves are going to be made. Figuratively and literally. Stay tuned…


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