Road trippin’

Once again my insomnia has set in and despite being exhausted, I am wide awake. I’ve been bursting at the seems to start writing this blog since I started packing on Tuesday night. So, why not now while I’m staring wide eyed at the ceiling. My wanderlust is always strong. Any opportunity to get out of town and explore I take it. When my friends decided to get married in Virginia I was beyond excited to attend. Mainly because I couldn’t wait to celebrate them but the chance to go somewhere I’ve never been…sign me up! A few of us decided that we would take this opportunity to explore our nations capital since we would be so close.

I’ve never been to D.C. before and was beyond excited. We only had mapped out a few hours to mosey around and see the big things. As we drove into the madness that is traffic there we realized we didn’t have a definitive plan for parking. After a little googling on my part I downloaded ParkWhiz and got us squared away. Also thank goodness for Uber. Oh how I wish I was the one to have come up with it!

We started our day with an Uber ride to the Lincoln Memorial, our driver was definitely 5 star worthy. Standing there was a humbling experience. Soaking in all the history. It made me realize that despite all the chaos in politics now, I am truly proud to be an American and grateful for the freedoms we have and the men and women that sacrifice their lives for mine.

But our time was ticking so we began our walk by the reflection pond to the Washington monument. After the typical touristy photos we decided it was time for the next stop. Our intent was to head to the White House but reading a map proved to be too hard for us 🤦‍♀️. So we ventured down to the state capital instead.

Then we started our trek back 2 miles to the White House. Little Miss Henley was less than thrilled to still be walking 😂. Once we fought the wind and made it to the White House we had to explain to Hen that we couldn’t just walk in the front door to see where the President lived. So we decided a picture would suffice as proof that we saw it. And now it was time to head to our dinner reservation to meet the rest of our friends. Since some of us were walked out we hopped in one of those carts pulled by a bicycle. Man did that guy have some calf muscles. That guy was the real MVP for pulling us a mile to dinner. The Smith in Penn Quarter was delicious and a great atmosphere. I had to unbutton my pants after eating their Bricked Chicken and Kale. Props to Tiffany for picking out our dinner spot! Even though the trip to D.C. was a short one, I am beyond pleased with my experience. Shout out to the Madison for having parking available and providing us with waters while we waited for our Uber. I can not wait to go back and take the time to explore more. It’s definitely been added to my long list of travel destinations to see before 30!

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