Recapping and moving on…

I slacked on posting about week 2 for my fitness challenge and I’m sorry guys! Week one I stuck to my diet, minus the delicious wedding cake 🍰, and did more than enough exercising. I was really proud of myself for sticking to my plan whilst traveling. Week 2 was not as great as week 1.

I came home from my trip and ended up sick. I spent an evening in the ER and it took me almost all week to recoup. I didn’t stick to my high protein low sugar diet. Unfortunately I had a bland food diet. By Thursday however I was back exercising. I did a lot of cardio last week and signed up for pure barre. I’ve decided that on top of the workouts I set for myself weekly, I needed a little more guidance and a little more oomph.

After only 2 classes of pure barre I’ve had to take 3 Epsom salt baths. I’m loving it! I might be sore but I know it’s worth it for me to finally feel comfortable with my body. This week, week 3, I am doing 3 pure barre classes and yoga. Last week was a high cardio week so I’ve decided this week should be stretching and working on core strength. That whole do yoga with your dog thing…not as fun as you might think. Since I’m paying for pure barre I did not want to pay for yoga as well. Instead I downloaded the Yoga Studio app and I am doing yoga at home. It has videos for beginners, intermediate and all kinds of classes for target areas. It’s worth the download if you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for classes.

I’ll also be meal prepping tonight! My mornings are consisting of cottage cheese and fruit or Greek yogurt with fruit. My lunches will have turkey, cheese, and veggies. My dinners for the next few days will be turkey zucchini meatloaf bites, with sweet potato and broccoli. It’s all honestly not as bad as it may sound to some. I’ll post my turkey zucchini meat loaf recipe tonight if anyone is interested in trying it!

Week 4 will have updated progress photos. I am already starting to see a difference in my body. And I promise to keep posting each week. Last week I was too exhausted to even think!

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